Old City of Sarazm

Old City of Sarazm is one of central points of the guests going along the tour of the Great Silk Road. And one of the aim of visitants taking the service of Dushanbe rent a car. Long time ago, and even today important trade connections are made here. At the same time this is the road leading to Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

For today, it is easier to travel here, as the border is open again after being closed for 6 years. Being in the city, the boarders are free to see the National Museum of Tajikistan, where various ancient things are stored, like axes, marble vessels and so on. Some of the artifacts are saved in the National Museum of Antiquities.

Having being in the city, the guests do not lose the opportunity to see the skeleton of the woman, who was buried in the 4th century, known as the ‘Lady of Sarazm’. The scientists moved her body here, she is embroidered with various colorful bracelets. For now everything in the city, along with the city itself seems to be the World Heritage. Car for rent in Dushanbe is one of the ways of seeing this site.

Actually, being in the city, everyone can notice that there are a lot of places close to the city, like Penjikent in 15 minutes, along with the banks of the Zerafshan River. Long time ago this road was considered to be the busiest one. The people of the past even called it as the ‘Pompeii of Central Asia’ with a great amount of buildings of wealthy people.

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