Going from the Gushor lake, in 400m, there is the lake Nofin. It is one of the longest lakes of Tajikistan, being about 2.5 km long and 200m wide. At the altitude of 1820m the lake, the name of which means umbilical cord is located.

During the tour the local dwellers will tell a good number of legends and myths, and only being there the visitants can get to know all of the details of these unforgettable territories. The road to the lake is very often flooded in summer, which makes the trips to be made with great efforts.

There are guests houses, for the people who travel here on cars rent Tajikistan and need a place for spending nights, for example. The road to the lake, along it and passing it is going with the view at the crystal waters, showing some of the green colors, where the great vegetation is clearly seen in comparison with the cliffs of the mountains.

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