As always our company is trying to make all of the people happy with the tour they take, and we are happy to make a way to one of the 7 lakes of Tajikistan, Nezhigon. In this case we offer the opportunities of car rent as well. This lake seems to be the lowest one, at the altitude of 1,640m. as in comparison, the difference between the lowest and the highest lake is 760m.

The name of the lake means eyelashes. But the reason of such name is unknown. People also name it as Nezhegon, Nezhigok, and Mizhgon. During the trip the guests travel they can find out that it is about 20m in depth. The colors of the territory are astonishing, with the water being blue and purple, which is filled with minerals. The Snow Mountains create the atmosphere of something mystical. The visitants can swim here in summer. The lake has the road which leads to the second lake, and let’s visits them all!

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