Muslihiddin memorial complex

Muslihiddin memorial complex is a very large and astonishing building, needed to be visited by all in a tour in Tajikistan. It is the place of history, which was created as the tomb for the ruler of Khujand, the person living here in the 12th century, Muslihiddin Khudjandi.

All of the legends about this person are common in the idea that he was a person with miracle powers. On leaving the world he was buried in Undzhi settlement. But the people admiring him decided to move his remains to the complex. The complex is made out of burned bricks and unfortunately was destroyed by the invasion of Mongols.

The walls of the complex have no openings, with columns and wooden squares on the ceiling to be depicted. There are means of the ancient paintings to be shown there. The doors are made in the style of the ancient times, with carvings. The visitants from the other countries are allowed to enter the complex for free. Unfortunately, most of the times it is closed as there no wanderers wishing to visit it. But everyone can come here on cars rented and wonder the complex.

The complex has the location of the positive side, with the following places to be located near it in order for all wishing to travel there as the managers give the choice of cars for rent, like Panjshanbeh-Bazar in 0.2 km, Cathedral of the assumption of the Mother of God in 116.4 km, State Museum of art of Uzbekistan in 117.7 km, Museum of applied art of Uzbekistan in 117.9 km, State Museum of the history of the Temurids in 118.8 km, Abdulkasim Sheikh madrasah in 119.0 km, Kukeldash madrasah in 120.8 km, Sheikh Zainudin's mausoleum in 121.7 km.

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