At the height of 2393m above sea level the lake Marguzor opens its territories. The guests of Tajikistan can travel here and notice that the lake is connected with the river Chorrokha in the west and the river Tiogly from the east. The last river goes from the mountain pass Tavasang which is located at the altitude of 3306m above sea level. The guests are happy to rent a car in our company, as they claim.

Being here as a member of a tour, all can notice how it is going from the Gissar Range in the Fanny Mountains. Literally we can conclude this lake is located at the territory of Penjikent and Sughd regions.

As the lakes are located on the way from one to the other, it is possible to see that there are 4 km from Khurdak to Marguzor, the length of the last is estimated to be about 2 and a half km. The lake is surrounded by the mountains, with the Rocky Mountains the Ruta in the east. At the same time there are villagers of the locals, Tiogly and Panch. People here are always glad to inform about the history of their country, along with the legends they know.

All the territory of the lake is covered with the trees, juniper and fruit trees. The waters of the lake are covered with blue and green colors. At the same time at the territory there are places of petroglyphs of the ancient people. Cars for rent Tajikistan is a magnificent way of seeing the country.

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