So, you have decided to make a tour in Tajikistan, but not sure about the site to start, and in this case we offer to visit the lake Khurdak. It is located at the height of 1870m above sea level. The lake is included in the list of 7 lakes, when from one you can get to the another one.

The name means ‘little one’, as it is the smallest among the seven. Sometimes the local people call it as a “baby”. Being in 1.5 from the lake Nofin, this one used to be famous for being the source of water for a hydroelectric power station in the past for the village Padrut. Our recommendation is to  take into account Dushanbe rent a car opportunities.

Commonly the distance from the lake, to the village is about 4 km. The road is heavy and difficult to be passed. In length the lake is about 201, from the north to the south. But it is as wide as 145m. Our team considers this site as a perfect place to travel.

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