Khujand is one of the oldest cities of Central Asia located in Sughd region. According to some sources it was founded in the VII-VI centuries BC. 

Khujand was conquered by Alexander the Great. He rebuilt the city and renamed it to Alexandria Eskhata (Extreme). Khudjand was located on the Great Silk Road and connecting Samarkand with Fergana Valley, had a significant importance. Later on, Khudjand was conquered by the Arabs in the VIII century, then resisted to the army of Genghis Khan but finally was destroyed in the XIII century. Even though the city was rebuilt and became one of the largest commercial, cultural and scientific centers of Central Asia. 

Today, Khujand is an important industrial, scientific and cultural center of northern Tajikistan. So on your tour of the Great Silk Road, don’t miss your chance to visit Khujand and see it with your own eyes.

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