Kayrakkum Reservoir

Kayrakkum Reservoir was built in 1950 in Tajikistan. Those times the people needed to create something to be able to control runoff of the water, and hydroelectric generation. Today, a great number of people travel here, and most of them are not the boarders, but the local people as well.

The reservoir is known to be called as the "Tajik Sea", with the ecosystem of its own. There is a lot of fish there for today. At the same time during the tour it can become obvious that the reservoir is the site for the birds flying from other countries. Tajikistan cars for rent are the perfect idea for making a trip along the country.

The guests can get to it by taking buses 40 or 40A at Khijand Bazaar. Having reached this place it is possible to make camps, lunches on the open air. The wanderers tend to swim in the waters of reservoir.

Due to the great size, the reservoir seems to be the sea on the land. Being here everyone can enjoy the views of birds, clear waters and people swimming there. Anyway, everyone will be pleased after being here, as the atmosphere doesn’t give any other opportunities against it.

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