Kamoli Khudjandi Square

The tour to Tajikistan is a striking opportunity to get to know the Kamoli Khudjandi Square closer as it is exactly the district of Khujand of an unforgettable park to be visited. Right here the guests can breathe fresh air of the leaves of the park, and wander along the beautiful paths. In the center of the square there is a monument to Kamal Khujandi, where various shops are located as well. And to these sites they can get also in case they rent a car from the hands of our managers. Here the souvenirs can be bought. The monument is surrounded with the fountains.

Those who travel here notice that the square is going further. And walking along the avenue all can witness the fortress near the river Syr Darya. The president of the country was giving a good sort of money for the commemoration of the name of the poet Kamol Khujandi. He even made a moving action! He brought the land from Iran about 100 tons, so symbolic!

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