Jizew valley

Welcome to travel in Tajikistan, there is an amazing Jizew valley surrounded by the the Pamir and Hindu Kush Mountain Ranges. The valley is a home for a great amount of people who speak in dialects of the language close to Farsi. At the same time Russian language is understood and spoken here. We offer to rent a car and enjoy the trip.

The valley is located near Afghanistan, but the territory is safe, as the war there is not near the border. Usually guests are interested about the amount of money they can spend in a tour on Tajikistan rent cars. But everything depends on the amount of days to be spent, and the places at the territory of the valley to be visited.

We can say that it is better to visit the valley from June to September. As this period is the most comfortable one. In April and May, there are floods and mud is everywhere. In winter the roads are blocked with snow. And also, in order to get there, the boarders need to get a Tajik visa and GBAO permit. The homestays will cost about 90-160 somoni.

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