Ismaili Centre Dushanbe

The tour is a sort of the mystery for the guests, as they have never seen most of the places like the Ismaili Centre Dushanbe in Tajikistan. This is the center which shows the means of the Shi’a movements, the Islamic education.

The center was created in 2009, by Aga Khan and President Rahmon. They were trying to keep the traditional means in the style of the building and at the same time to make it modern. There are 5 halls, depicting the minarets, and there is also the school for the Muslim children to learn along with the Islam means. The name to the center was given in honor of the one who created the dynasty of Samanid. There is a wonderful garden surrounding the complex. We offer to rent car in our company as there is a great variety for reasonable prices.

Over-sears are free to travel in the country and get to know that this center is also the place for serving the prays, even for the children of early classes. The center resembles us the mountains of Pamir, very impressive. Usually, the entering is free from 9 to 16. But remember, it is the place where the children learn religion and various languages along with it.

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