Ismail Somoni monument

Ismail Somoni monument is considered to be one of the most visited places among the foreigners making their tour here as they used to rent car here. It is the monument, which resembles the idea of celebrating the great important of Ismoil Somoni. They even decided to name the currency in honor of him! It is possible to travel along the site, which is right at Ozodi square. Ismoil Somoni has a great sort of importance here as the locals try not to forget that he was the one who created the Samanid Dynasty, in the 10th century. Walking along the square as you wander here it is possible to see the alley of fountains, which are lighted different colors, with the music playing there.

What are the most known facts about the monument? Of course, we will tell you! It is known that there are 3 points of great meaning – the scepter, the solar disk and the lions! The first one is the symbol saying about the idea that the people are united, the second one means the forces of goodness, the peace and the light shining to the under the statue there was created the Samanid mausoleum in Bukhara.

The being in the country on cars rent, and the visiting of the monument mostly means the need to be welcomed by one of the hotels – as in 1.52 km there is Hotel "Serine", in 1.06 km - Hotel Rochat, in 1.58 km - Hotel Meridian, in 0.76 km - Taj Palace Hotel and in 0.87 km - Romish Hotel.

Restaurants are also very important, as the new-comers in the time of excursions usually need to have delicious meals of national cuisines. And close to the monument there are the following places: Al Sham Restaurant in 1.10 km, Café – bar Segafredo in 0.77 km, Traktir in 0.81 km, Marco Polo Restaurant in 1.07 km and of course Deli Darbar Dushanbe in 0.38 km. Going sightseeing, visit Rudaki Park in 0.28 km from the statue location, National museum of Tajikistan in 1.07 km, Flagpole of Dushanbe in 0.40 km.

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