Iskanderkul lake

There are a lot of amazing sites in Tajikistan and when the clients turn to us for the tour, we offer to visit Iskanderkul lake located in 50 km from Dushanbe. It is the place which serves the history of Alexander the Great. Watching back, it was considered to be one of the most magnificent lakes of the Soviet Union. The people often say, that the more they travel, the younger they become. The road to the lake will cost about 100 dollars.

The lake is located at the Fann mountains, with the road leading to it known as Penjinkent towards Dushanbe. About 4 hours will be spent on the way to the lake. But the road and awaiting totally worth it! The colors of the lake are unforgettable – blue lake in comparison with the mountains looking high to the sky.

When the trips in the country are ordered and car rent Dushanbe service is taken in account, they are made along the lake as well. It is considered to be the place, of the crater creation lake, when the rock of the mountain had fallen in the ancient times. Mainly it is located at the height of  2195 m above sea level, with 72m in depth. The visitants can swim here, but temperatures are changing rapidly due to the mountain location.

So, the name is given in honor of Alexander the Great. Just notice, in Central Asia the people pronounce the name Alexander as Iskander. According to the legend, the beloved horse of Alexander the Great sank in the waters of the lake, when he and his army came here for camping.

At the same time there is another legend, saying that Alexander came here to conquer the lands of Sogdiana. But the people of the territory didn’t want to go under his powers, and they were making attacks of the Macedonian army. Alexander didn’t like these actions and made an order to dam the territory of the city Sogdiana, with the fortress to be covered with waters. Our offer is to rent a car in Tajikistan and enjoy the trip.

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