Hissor fortress

Any tour in Tajikistan is breath-taking and interesting, and our main aim is to make it more striking, so welcome to the Hissor fortress. Usually the duration of the excursion here is 2h 30 min. And all can visit it any day from 8 to 18. Cars rent are perfect for the trip here, due to the great amount of sightseeing.

The fortress is seen to be remarkable from the point of view of being the residence for such famous rulers as the Emir of Bukhara. The fortress was created with an aim of great strategy, with having an entrance with arches and great towers. Getting higher along the trip all can witness the places for guns, with a view to the entire city and the market of it. The market itself is seen made of burnt bricks.

All along the way the guests travel, they will be said legends and myths of the site. With one of it telling that this place was the residence of Cyrus the Great and Caliph Ali. Getting in 4.5 km from Hisor and 27 km west of Dushanbe members of the group are able to get great hiking opportunities. So, it is the perfect idea to use the rent cars service.

As the visitants come here, they need to pay at the entry about 20 somoni. This payment is made for the opportunity to see two madrasahs, a mosque and a war memorial. The fortress had undergone the repair in 1982 and in 21st century. All of the locations of the fortress were served by soldiers in the far past. At the path near it there used to be the caravanserai.

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