The next lake worth seeing is Gushor, the name of which is translated as vigilance’. During the tour in the mountains of Tajikistan the visitants are free to make photos of heart-moving views of astonishing lakes and mountains.

Note, that there are various names of the lake, used by the locals, like Khusher and Ishore, with the meaning of watchful. The lake itself is located at the territory which seems to be surrounded with rocks and cliffs, where there are a lot of snakes dangerous for the people.

When the visitants travel here, they have an opportunity to use car for rent in Dushanbe and notice that during the times of bad weather, the territory is covered with mud from the mountains, which makes any trip dangerous and impossible. But when the weather is fine, there are opportunities of seeing fish swimming in clear waters of the lake.

The colors are changing as well, they can be turquoise, green and blue, but water always stays as the clear one. And we see this site as the amazing opportunity to see the nature of the country.

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