Gurminj museum

The new-boarders are always interested in the sightseeing of Tajikistan, and one of the striking offers is Gurminj museum to be visited. It is the museum of music instruments, of string ad drums. Right here during the trip the guests will be happy to see such instruments of the local meaning as doira (tambourine), tabl daf (drum), rubab (mandolin), ghizhak (fiddle), and setor (sitar).

It is a great luck if the boarders managed to get to the museum the day of the concert, which usually tells about the history of the cultural means of the Tajik people. Along with it they make special music lessons. All you need is to take a car for rent for the comfortable tour.

Though being rather small, there is enough place for the great number of instruments. There are even the instruments from the mountains of Pamir. The language is usually Tajik and Russian, very rare English can be heard.

As the visitors travel here and they are interested in the music, they can make an order of the famous group Samo, in case they are not in a world tour. They play the music of the Tajik and Pamir. Sometimes the wanderers see this place as the home of the local people, just because it looks this way. Mainly, there are 4 rooms, with 50 musical instruments there; the light is not bright in the rooms. Probably for more romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

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