As it is known, Tajikistan is the home of various amazing places for visiting, as Garm-Chashma. It is located near Khorog and opens great views for the guests in a tour and all are free to rent cars. The people call this place as a perfect stop for admiring natural landscapes.

Among all of the STANS of the world, there is no place like this ever. The wanderers are free to use cars rent Tajikistan and trip along the entire country. It is seen as the shining place, exactly like a diamond. Being here the guests can enjoy covering themselves with white mud, and then going in the hot spring. According to the legend, which will be fully given as you start to travel here, the mud can cure and heal.

Today, there are restaurants and cafés at the territory, so everyone can enjoy delicious food after relaxing at hot springs. Garm-Chashma is considered to be the smaller version of the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Anyway, all need to visit it in their life.

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