Fortress Kah-Kakha

Due to the fact that there is an abundance of significant places in Tajikistan, our managers try to show the guests the Fortress Kah-Kakha. It is the ancient sign of the Pamir Mountains. Being created at the river Panj in the 2nd century BC, the settlement was finished in the 7th century.

Unfortunately, during the tour the guests will see just the ruins of the fortress. Seeing them we can imagine the fortifications, the constructions. The walls used to be about 10 m high. Cars for rent in Tajikistan can be ordered in our company. At the same time, the strength of the fortress was created with the construction of about 56 towers.

The fortress was created with an aim to protect Western Pamirs. The name of the place is given in honor of the famous person, the king of Siahpushes- Qanqaha. As the visitants travel here they find out that there used to be and still are worshippers of his cult.

The wanderers of the territory claim that there used to be the bridge over the river Pyanj. Crossing the bridge in the ancient times it was possible to get to the Wakhan Silk Road. At the same time there was seen the way which was not available for the people, as it was blocked. But anyway everyone has an opportunity to rent cars and wander along the country. And it is the way to Shohdara and Gunt valleys.

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