Flagpole of Dushanbe

According to the worldwide data, flagpole of Dushanbe is considered to be one of the tallest ones. It is located in in front of the Palace of Nations in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. And brings the great opportunities for making exciting photos against it, as it resembles the history of the Tajik people. It is interesting that its height is 165m, with being about 700kg. The locals name it as Bayrak and are happy seeing the foreigners rent the cars being there during their trip. As the boarders are making a tour-travel, they are usually informed about the history of the flagpole, being created in order to memorialize the 20 years of independency. The closest sites here are Rudaki park, in 0.28 km, National Library, the Palace of Nations, the Ismail Somoni monument in 0.40km, and the National Museum of Tajikistan in 0.83km.

The hotels which can be taken in account during the trip and visited on rented cars are as follows: in 1.30 km - Rochat Hotel, in 0.80 km - Taj Palace Hotel, in 1.17 km - Romish Hotel, in 1.07 km - Hotel Vatan and in 0.97 km - "Guliston-Tour" Hotel. Restaurants as the mains means of the trip are located from the site in the following km - Al Sham Restaurant in 1.47 km, Café – bar Segafredo in 0.37 km, Traktir in 1.04 km, Marco Polo Restaurant in 0.74 km and Deli Darbar Dushanbe in 0.71 km.

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