Central museum of Tajikistan

Being in Tajikistan the guests very often have a desire to visit the Central museum of the country with an aim to get to see all of the 4 floors of unique installations. These installations compose the geological side of the country along with flora, fauna sides and of course the means of various historical moments. At the same time as the tour is going on, it will not be obvious completely about the history and culture. An interesting fact is seen in the idea of the exhibits being housed in the place which seems to be rather bigger for the museum. And all who are there are made to think over the times of the historical installations for themselves.

The entire trip the guests will see the information about the installations written in Tajik and Russian languages. And very rare there are the notes in English. Seeing closer the times of the historical installations, most of the, are seen as the copies of famous ones, placed in the other museums of the globe. For example, the Oxus treasure, with the original being in the British museum, the installation of the Reclining Buddha, which original is placed in the Museum of Antiquities. At the same time the installations of the paintings depicting the ancient Panjakent are real ones.

The boarders who travel in the country on rent cars can visit the museum any day except Monday. From Tuesday to Saturday it is available - 10-16 and on Sundays from 11 to 15. The foreigners will have to pay 25 somoni. They can easily find it walking in the north of the Rudaki Park. The guides showing the museum are said to be highly professional, and they are concerned about the floor they are responsible for.

For better acquaintance with the place we have decided to point out the closest hotels which can be reached with cars for rent, like Atlas Hotel in 3.28 km, Hotel "Serine" in 2.57 km, Hilton Dushanbe Hotel in 3.52 km, Hyatt Regency Hotel Dushanbe in 1.10 km and Green House Hostel in 3.39 km. 

Restaurants are very important for the new-comers, as they desire to try the cuisine of the Tajik, so in 0.67 km from the museum there is the Café – bar Segafredo, in 1.23 km - Marco Polo Restaurant, in 1.45 km - Deli Darbar Dushanbe, in 0.97 km - Café Merve and in 0.69 km - Chaychana Rochat. Having visited the museum we offer to get to see the following famous places –Rudaki Park in 0.79 km from it, Ismail Somoni monument in 1.07 km and Art Gallery Noor in 1.09 km.

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