Central Mosque

Welcome to sunny Tajikistan, the country of many sites bearing own historical data, like central mosque of the country. It is located at Karamov Street. According to our information, the visitants can get to it taking Trolleybus 1 and 11 or Bus 3a and 18. Then they need to get along the Rudaki Avenue, passing the Islamic Institute.

Amid the tour, the boarders will surely see the 4 parts of the mosque in the distance. The decoration is made in various colors of tiles. The arch is made in blue color with 2 domes, one in the west and one in the east. The doors are mainly wooden ones, with the depiction of carving of the Persian times. More than 3,000 worshipers can stay here for praying at the same time. They get here on car rent Tajikistan service.

Those visitants who travel in the country and visit the mosque get to know that the name of the building was actually giving in honor of Haji Yakub. He got education in Bukhara and Samarkand. Then he used to visit the countries and give educational teachings of the Naqshbandi movement. In the village of Halfetu, 5 km south west of Dushanbe he was buried. And now the place of his bury, and the mosque are the sites for pilgrimages to pray. We assure Tajikistan cars for rent is a perfect way of seeing the greatness of the country.

Restoration works were made between 1997-2001, with it becoming more and more beautiful. As for the attractions near the site, we mention Rudaki Avenue is the Lohuti Drama Theatre, the sculpture of Lohuti. And also Rudaki Park in 1.29 km, Monument to Ismoil Somoni in 1.54 km, national Museum in 0.71 km, Noor Art gallery in 1.56 km, flagpole with the flag in 1.17 km. 

The hotels near the mosque:  in 1.59 km - the Hotel Hyatt Regency Dushanbe, in 1.15 km - Kurush Hostel 122 / Hotel Kurush, in 1.21 km - the mercury Hotel, in 0.85 km - Hostel CITY, in 0.99 km - the Guest house "Comfort". Restaurants which can be visited for delicious food are located as follows -  in 0.82 km - Segafredo Cafe bar, in 1.11 km - Marco Polo Restaurant, in 0.29 km - Cafe Merv, in 0.45 km - Rohat tea House, in 0.98 km – Taj.

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