Bulunkul Lake

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province of Tajikistan is replete with astonishing places as the Bulunkul Lake, located in 130km from Khorog. The total area of the lake is 3900 hectares. The depth is about 6m, and in the time of a tour, the guests will be informed, that the vegetation here is rich, and the territory between this lake and Yashil Kul Lake is considered to be a Bird Area.

As it is the mountain area, the temperatures are severe, so in the village of Bulunkul temperatures can be about -63 degrees Celsius. But in summer time it is perfect here and even warm so that the visitants can rent cars in the company of ours. The boarders can see an amazing view as they travel here – like the wild yaks roaming along the valleys, the local people doing their work on the plains.

Being here at night, look higher into the sky. The stars are clearly seen.  Unfortunately, the village is the one with no running water there, but the local people are always ready to provide with hot and cold water and give all necessary means for having the bath after a long way. But you are always free to take Tajikistan cars for rent.

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