7 lakes

As always our company is trying to make all of the people happy with the tour they take, and we are happy to make a way to one of the 7 lakes of Tajikistan, Nezhigon. In this case we offer the opportunities of car rent as well. This lake seems to be the lowest one, at the altitude of 1,640m. as in comparison, the difference between the lowest and the highest lake is 760m.

The name of the lake means eyelashes. But the reason of such name is unknown. People also name it as Nezhegon, Nezhigok, and Mizhgon. During the trip the guests travel they can find out that it is about 20m in depth. The colors of the territory are astonishing, with the water being blue and purple, which is filled with minerals. The Snow Mountains create the atmosphere of something mystical. The visitants can swim here in summer. The lake has the road which leads to the second lake, and let’s visits them all!

The serpentine road is the direct way along which the guests of Tajikistan can visit the lake Soya, which seems to be the second famous lake of the country. From the Tajik language, the name of the lake means “shadow”, as located between the mountains, the shade is created for almost the entire day.

Clients of our company, who travel here can freely notice, that this lake is like Nezhigon, tends to change the colors. Being at the altitude of 1,701m above sea level, the water is clear, the blue colors are bright. The bottom of the lake opens us the underworld of stones with the sky seen in the lake itself.

Being here it is possible to notice how the colors are changing, like from blue to velvet. Sunshine is bright, the guests usually feel great there. All of the beauties you can feel in the trip on the service of Tajikistan rent cars. We are happy to organize the tour to this site, as we desire all of the guests to see the beauties of the land along with feeling fresh air. 

The next lake worth seeing is Gushor, the name of which is translated as vigilance’. During the tour in the mountains of Tajikistan the visitants are free to make photos of heart-moving views of astonishing lakes and mountains.

Note, that there are various names of the lake, used by the locals, like Khusher and Ishore, with the meaning of watchful. The lake itself is located at the territory which seems to be surrounded with rocks and cliffs, where there are a lot of snakes dangerous for the people.

When the visitants travel here, they have an opportunity to use car for rent in Dushanbe and notice that during the times of bad weather, the territory is covered with mud from the mountains, which makes any trip dangerous and impossible. But when the weather is fine, there are opportunities of seeing fish swimming in clear waters of the lake.

The colors are changing as well, they can be turquoise, green and blue, but water always stays as the clear one. And we see this site as the amazing opportunity to see the nature of the country.

Going from the Gushor lake, in 400m, there is the lake Nofin. It is one of the longest lakes of Tajikistan, being about 2.5 km long and 200m wide. At the altitude of 1820m the lake, the name of which means umbilical cord is located.

During the tour the local dwellers will tell a good number of legends and myths, and only being there the visitants can get to know all of the details of these unforgettable territories. The road to the lake is very often flooded in summer, which makes the trips to be made with great efforts.

There are guests houses, for the people who travel here on cars rent Tajikistan and need a place for spending nights, for example. The road to the lake, along it and passing it is going with the view at the crystal waters, showing some of the green colors, where the great vegetation is clearly seen in comparison with the cliffs of the mountains. 

So, you have decided to make a tour in Tajikistan, but not sure about the site to start, and in this case we offer to visit the lake Khurdak. It is located at the height of 1870m above sea level. The lake is included in the list of 7 lakes, when from one you can get to the another one.

The name means ‘little one’, as it is the smallest among the seven. Sometimes the local people call it as a “baby”. Being in 1.5 from the lake Nofin, this one used to be famous for being the source of water for a hydroelectric power station in the past for the village Padrut. Our recommendation is to  take into account Dushanbe rent a car opportunities.

Commonly the distance from the lake, to the village is about 4 km. The road is heavy and difficult to be passed. In length the lake is about 201, from the north to the south. But it is as wide as 145m. Our team considers this site as a perfect place to travel.

At the height of 2393m above sea level the lake Marguzor opens its territories. The guests of Tajikistan can travel here and notice that the lake is connected with the river Chorrokha in the west and the river Tiogly from the east. The last river goes from the mountain pass Tavasang which is located at the altitude of 3306m above sea level. The guests are happy to rent a car in our company, as they claim.

Being here as a member of a tour, all can notice how it is going from the Gissar Range in the Fanny Mountains. Literally we can conclude this lake is located at the territory of Penjikent and Sughd regions.

As the lakes are located on the way from one to the other, it is possible to see that there are 4 km from Khurdak to Marguzor, the length of the last is estimated to be about 2 and a half km. The lake is surrounded by the mountains, with the Rocky Mountains the Ruta in the east. At the same time there are villagers of the locals, Tiogly and Panch. People here are always glad to inform about the history of their country, along with the legends they know.

All the territory of the lake is covered with the trees, juniper and fruit trees. The waters of the lake are covered with blue and green colors. At the same time at the territory there are places of petroglyphs of the ancient people. Cars for rent Tajikistan is a magnificent way of seeing the country. 

The lake Hazorchashma is the greatest, the largest and the highest lake in Tajikistan. The height is about 2400m above sea level, and the road from the Marguzor lake takes about 2km. During the tour it will be obvious that the name of it means “thousand springs”. As there are a lot of waters and streams feeding the lake.

We can say with assurance, that this lake is located in the gorge of the Shing River. It is a wild territory, where a wildlife of Fann Mountains is seen. And moreover, the lake can be seen just from the north. In case you have a desire to see it, we recommend all to travel here with our team on a car rent in Dushanbe Lexus LX470, as we are professionals and know the territories of Central Asia greatly.

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