Tajikistan sights

Tajikistan sights

If you like to travel and learn a lot of new things, then we recommend a country full of mysteries and magnificent sights for your travel. Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia known for its mountains. There are so many sights that worth to be seen. Among them are museums in Dushanbe and Khudjand, Rudaki Park and Ismaili Centre, Flagpole and Museum of antiquities, Penjikent site, Arbob palace, Yashilkul lake, Bulunkul and so on…As all of these names seem unfamiliar to you, dear traveler, I prepared informative and relevant articles about every sight.

So you may get such kind of information as the distance, how much time you need to get there, what are the rules of visiting, what should you bring etc.

Hopefully, you will find this information useful and it will help you a lot during your tour to Tajikistan!

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Dushanbe is the capital city of Tajikistan, located along the Varzob (Dushanbinka) river.
Central museum of Tajikistan is the nature of time immemorial and the Middle Ages.
Flagpole of Dushanbe is the highest national flag in the world of 165 meters.
Ismail Somoni monument is the state treasure of antiquity, located in the north of Tajikistan.
Rudaki Park is a city garden with a greened alley and attractions.
Museum of Antiquities is a glorious oriental-style building and collections of ancient artifacts.
Gurminj museum is a precious collection of antique musical instruments of Central Asia.
Ismaili Centre Dushanbe is a grandiose architectural structure role of various cultures.
Hissor fortress
 is a historical landmark and the pride of all Tajik people.
Khudjand is one of the largest trade and cultural centers of the Central Asian region.
Kamoli Khudjandi Square is an inspirational holiness of man and poetry encouragement.
Timur Malik’s fortress  is a magnificent castle covered with murals and local stone.
Sugd museum is a fascinating house of modern marble mosaics.
Muslihiddin memorial complex is a complex consisting of mosque, minaret and graves.
Panjshanbe bazaar is the central market of Khujand consisting of many shops.
Cultural Palace of Khujant or Arbob palace  is an ornate administration building, blending the history of traditional Tajikistan.
Central Mosque is the largest religious building built in Tajikistan in the years of independence.
Mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin is a sacred complex of a medieval times.
Old Panjakent  is one of the easternmost settlements of the Sogdiana Empire.
Old City of Sarazm is an ancient town, found in the 4th millennium.
Rudaki museum is an elegant building, with white Doric columns and fine floral display.
Iskanderkul lake is the pearl of the Fann Mountains, full of mysterious.
7 lakes strike everyone with the saturated and ever-changing color of water.
Nezhigon is the turquoise water that fills the deep hollow seems to have frozen.
Soya  looks like a shadow among its turquoise waters.
Gushor is one of the most scenic lakes in Northern Tajikistan.
Nofin attracts with its boundless view among the mountains.
Khurdak is located on 1870 meters above sea level on the southern slope of the Gissar Range.
Marguzor where the dome of a snowy mountain hovering over a lake glows with a gentle halo.
Hazorchashma – “thousand springs” is fed by the waters of two rivers and streams.
Istaravshan is an administrative district of the Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Sarazm is the first complex of historical and cultural significance in Tajikistan.
Kayrakkum Reservoir is one of the largest basins in Tajikistan.
Garm-Chashma is the holy source of pilgrims.
Rushan fortress is located in the Rushan district right between Shugnan from the South.
Yamchun fortress is one of the most interesting tourist sites in the Wakhan Valley.
Fortress Kah-Kakha is a 4th century AD monument left from Kushan era.
Jizew valley is the wildest and gorgeous valleys in the western Pamirs.
Langar is a village in the Wakhan District, Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan.
Yamg is sited 5 km northeast from Yamchun village in the Wakhan corridor, on the Tajik side.
House-museum of Muboraki Wakhan is located in the colorful village of Yamg.
Yashil Kul Lake is dammed lake in the South Pamirs in Tajikistan.
Bulunkul Lake is a shallow, freshwater lake in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province.
Rangkul Lake is an alpine freshwater lake in the Pamirs.
Karakul Lake is a very beautiful lake on the other side of the border in China. 

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