Why Kyrgyzstan?

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Hello! I have a great idea! Let's find out about what is Kyrgyzstan associated with among foreigners? Well, they immediately imagine the great mountains, nomads, yurts (felt dwellings), horses and, of course, ala kachuu (kidnapping a girl for the purpose of marriage) Yes, it is true! Here, in fact, own atmosphere that will not leave anyone indifferent!

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Each of us wants to learn more about the country and feel like a nomad. It’s so cool!
In addition to the above, here is the cleanest air and truly unique nature. 

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Hospitality is another positive feature of the Kyrgyz people! Here is a special respect for every guest who enters their house. Remember! You will not be able to leave their home without tasting Kyrgyz national food and drink fragrant tea with boorsoks (fried pieces of bread). After all, they just won’t let you go! 

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As for me, when I hear the word Kyrgyzstan, in addition to the mountains, I characterize a country enriched with walnut forests, the most delicious apricots, turquoise rivers and lakes, mighty eagles, green streets smelling of pine needles and, of course, freshly baked samsa (a savoury meat pastry) from tandoor (clay oven). 

I symbolize Kyrgyzstan with the richest nature and open-minded people.
I am very lucky to live here!

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