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When planning a tour to any country of Central Asia for the first time, the first question that comes to your mind is of course about visa.

- Do I need a visa as a citizen of..? Is there visa free regime for the citizens of my country?
- How can I obtain it?
- Is there e-visa (electronic visa) obtaining system?
- What kind of documents do I need?
- What kind of questions should I answer to when filling up the application?
- How much is the consular fee?
- What is the period the visa is valid for?

These kind of questions are common and need a very sensitive approach. Because every country has its own rules even if they are located in the same region. The reason is the difference in foreign policy, state development strategy and other significant nuances.

Some of Central Asian Stans introduced visa free regime for the citizens of many countries, e-visa (electronic visa) system and are successfully applying them.

So on this blog section I want to share all the information about visa formalities in:

I really hope that it will be helpful for the travelers planning a tour to 5 Stans :)

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