Visa to Turkmenistan

All travelers are required tourist or transit visa to enter the territory of Turkmenistan. The tourist visa can be obtained on the basis of provided visa support (Invitation letter). Usually it takes about 10-14 working days to make LOI (Letter of invitation).

With an approved LOI it is possible to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Turkmenistan or get it on arrival to Turkmenistan at the following points:

- International Airport of Ashgabat,
- Gaudan border checkpoint (Bajgiran/ Mashad, Iran),
- Farab (Bukhara, Uzbekistan),
- Dashoguz (Shavat\Khiva, Uzbekistan),
- Kunya-Urgench (Khojeyli\Nukus, Uzbekistan),
- sea port in Turkmenbashi.

What kind of documents are necessary to get a Letter of invitation?

  1. Scanned copy of your passport sent by email. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months before the arrival to Turkmenistan.
  2. Occupation and place of work.
  3. Dates and points of entry/ departure in Turkmenistan.
  4. Planning travel route in Turkmenistan.
  5. Place of applying for your visa.
  6. Hotel where you will stay during your tour to Turkmenistan.
  7. Your contact information (phone number, email).


  1. The final decision about providing LOI depends on Turkmenistan Migration Department.
  2. According to the law requirements, the tour company does not provide inly Letter of invitation. You have to get a minimum package of tour services as well (transport, tour guide, accommodation).
  3. If you cancel your tour after applying for LOI, then its cost is not refundable.

Application form for LOI (Letter of invitation) to Turkmenistan contains the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Fathers name
  4. Gender
  5. Date of birth
  6. City and country of birth
  7. Citizenship
  8. Passport number
  9. Date of issue
  10. Date of expiration
  11. Where the passport is issued (country)
  12. Last graduated High education (name and location of the university)
  13. Graduated qualification (obtained specialty after university or college graduation)
  14. Current place of work (name and address)
  15. Profession or specialization/ occupation
  16. Previous visits to Turkmenistan (date, purpose)
  17. If you have already applied for the visa, its number and type (tourist or working)
  18. Port of entry
  19. Dates of entry and departure
  20. Cities and sites you wish to visit
  21. Home address and phone number/e-mail
  22. Marital status
  23. Spouse’s full name, date of birth (date/month/year)
  24. Children: full name, date of birth (date/month/year)
  25. Accompanying data for imperfectly old child
  26. Information about accompanying infant

(!) You need to attach colored scan version of passport and photo 5x6 of a good quality.

Next step

Once your LOI is ready, you will be sent a copy of it and can already apply for your visa at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in any country. Almost in all the countries the copy of LOI is enough to apply for a visa except for Moscow, Brussels, Meshed. You have to provide the original of LOI there.

Your tour program should be ready and confirmed before applying for LOI. Because, as you see in the questionnaire, it is required to provide data about the tour itinerary and hotels you have booked. In case you want to change the hotel on arrival to Turkmenistan, you will be charged the total cost for the first 24 hours.

Please note that our services do not include the price for the visa. You have to pay for your Turkmen visa where you obtain it (Embassy, airport or border checkpoint on arrival). Visa cost on arrival depends if you enter the territory of Turkmenistan through the airport or land border. It is 55 USD (land border) and 85 USD (airport) for the most of countries but there are some exceptions. So please always clarify the cost for your country. Also you need to pay 12 USD migration tax upon arrival to Turkmenistan.

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