Trainings for guides

Trainings for guides 1

Why did I decide to open guide teaching seminars?
The reason is my deep wish to have the best possible service in tourism!

Who is a tour guide? This is a person who creates the first impression about people in the host country, it’s the face of the country. The tourist judges about mentality of local people, character, and hospitality right on the basis of tour guide’s portrait.

This is also a person who accompanies tourist groups starting from arrival to the airport all along their tour. He/she becomes very close and they often keep in contact after leaving the tour destination. So it all means that the tour guide is a key person on the tour. And tourist’s impression from the trip, country, people mostly depend on him.

Taking into account these points, realizing the importance of guide qualification, I founded tour guides school. During the 3 month seminars future guides attend history, geography, culture, guiding skills classes. They visit nearby canyons and sights, museums accompanied by our manager and try their skills on spot. So combining the theory and practice, after finishing the courses they get a certificate and pass a special exam. Those who get the high scores have a chance to be offered a job in any tour company of Kyrgyzstan. I choose the best ones and work with them for many years.

Besides that, I also organize trainings for tour guides several times a year. I invite Kyrgyzstan tour guides, practicing and planning to start their work in this area, to share my knowledge and experience.

  • How to make a perfect tour?
  • What are the expectations of the traveler?
  • How to deliver good service without being servant?
  • What kind of hacks to use to make the tourists happy?
  • How to solve issues in effective way, in short time and without spoiling the tour?
  • How to create a nice atmosphere in the tour group and in the team (driver, other guides, mechanic, cook etc.)?

Tour guides get the answers to this kind of questions on the trainings and leave them full of enthusiasm and with a great desire to change for the better. This is my main goal. That is why I keep organizing trainings and seminars and tend to the best future of tourism in Kyrgyzstan. 

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