Tash Mangal ancient dish

Tash Mangal

Tash Mangal (or tash kebek) is one of the most popular and delicious traditional meals of Kyrgyz people. Usually it was the hunters who cooked it in the mountains: finding big boulders, making a fire and frying fresh meat on top of it. That's where the name comes from: "tash" means "stone" and "kebek" meaning "shish kebab" from Kyrgyz, however it's a modern name. We do not know the ancient name of the meal, but cook just like many centuries ago. Along with the meat, vegetables are laid on stone to make the meat juicy and to serve with it. If you want to try something special in Kyrgyz cuisine, tash mangal will be the most delicious option! You can try this dish in “Supara” restaurant near Bishkek:


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