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Cafes and restaurants in Kyrgyzstan

Each of us, traveling to a particular country, is interested in local food. Because the attitude to the food, its varieties give us a lot of information. For example, it is easy to learn about mentality and lifestyle of local people by trying their traditional dishes. Kyrgyz cuisine is very rich in calories, saturated but at the same time is light in terms of ingredients. The Kyrgyz do not use much spices, their food is quite simple. It is all about meat in big quantities, dough, greens, cereals, milk products. Everything is natural and that is why so tasty…Probably you will ask why? The reason is that Kyrgyz people used to be nomads and used to live in mountainous areas. So they needed a strong food to resist to the cold and get energy. Traditional meals are available today in many restaurants: beshbarmak, kuurdak, kymyz, chalap, kurut, boorsok and so on…These delicious dishes will help you to understand the real Kyrgyz spirit!

When it comes to vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diet, it might be a little bit complicated in villages and small towns. However, in Bishkek there are a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can find many varieties of vegetarian food. Different kinds of Asian, European cuisine are also offered there.

Here I listed the most popular cafes and restaurants of Bishkek which of course will suit your taste during your tour. They are all of different levels, some of them with high prices, some of them are budget.

  • Tenishev's Restaurant is rich in the beauty of dishes and aesthetic pleasure during meal. Each dish is special, the presentation is amazing, and the desserts produce an incredible effect. Address: Tynystanov St., 122, The Building of Russian Drama Theatre. Phone number: +996 707 088 888
  • Ethno-Complex Supara is a special place reminiscent of the ancient life of a nomadic people. Address: st. Karagul Akmat 1. Phone number: 0312 465 051
  • Barashek is a great place not only for meat lovers but also for vegans. Here is a varied menu. 78b st. Aaly Tokombaev. Phone number: 0312 521 111
  • Tyubeteika is one of the most visited places that will pleasantly surprise you with delicious food and prices. Address: st. Turusbekova, 31. Phone number: +996(312)31-79-79, +996(550)31-79-79
  • Arzu is excellent restaurant of Eastern European cuisine and high service. Address: Togolok Moldo 13. Phone number: +996 550 696 697
  • Navat is an ideal place in ethnic style with Eastern cuisine. Address: 32/4 st. Aaly Tokombaev. Phone number: +996 551 621 111
  • Yr Kese a great place for lovers of traditional Kyrgyz cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere. Address: st. Orozbekova, 62. Phone number: +996(312)97-95-55, +996(557)97-95-55
  • Navigator is the best cozy place in Bishkek, with its indescribable comfortable atmosphere and the best professional service. Address: st. Moskovskaya 103/Razzakova. Phone number: (+996/312) 66-51-51
  • Red cow is delicious restaurant with the most delicious steaks. Address: st. Toktogul, 95/Blvd. Erkindik. Phone number: +996(312)62-49-02, +996(700)62-49-02
  • Sierra is the famous coffeeshop among travelers where you can taste delicious coffee and desserts. It is right here that you can try yummy Fresco ice-cream. Address: Manas Avenue 57/1. Phone number: +996 770 969 664
  • Chicken Star is a special place in Bishkek where natural chicken is served in South Korean sauces, delicious coffee is brewed and an incredible atmosphere is created. Address: Erkindik 36 Between Toktogula & Kievskaya. Phone number: +996 558 041 111
  • Faiza is a popular cafe offering a varied menu at affordable prices. Great place for lunch and dinner. Address: Zhibek Zholu avenue, 555. Phone number: +996 555 324 922
  • is a cafe-pastry shop for healthy desserts and healthy nutrition. Address: Yunusalieva, 40. Phone number: +996 558-57-67-20, +996 555-05-66-65 

If you travel to different regions of Kyrgyzstan, let me introduce you to proven cafes and restaurants that will surely please you with excellent food!


  • Atabek café is worth visiting! You can taste delicious meat in big quantities and enjoy the atmosphere of nomadic life! The cuisine is European so you will have an opportunity to order meals according to your wishes. Address: St. Lenin, 127. Opening hours: 08:00-23:00
  • Nirvana is a combination of delicious and unusual cuisine, interior with a touch of chic and a cozy atmosphere. There is one of the best European cuisines ever and of course pizza! Address: Kulatov microdistrict (Western), 25A. Opening hours: 11:00-0:00
  • Brio is the perfect place for vegans and vegetarians. You can enjoy aromatic coffee beans. Address: Kurmanjan Datka St. 211. Opening hours: 8:00-22:00. 


  • Zarina café is cozy place for lovers of national cuisine and atmosphere. Tasty meals and delicious tea won’t leave anyone indifferent! Address: Lenina St., 120 / Toktogula St., 120. Opening hours: 09:00-24:00
  • Lighthouse Coffee & Tea is an excellent place to eat all 3 courses of meal as well as an excellent bar. There is a menu for vegans and vegetarians. Address: 63 Amanbaeva Street. Opening hours: 8:00-22:00.
  • Ethno cafe Dastorkon is a favorite place for foreigners. Here is the most delicious and affordable menu. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Address: st. Przhevalsky, 107. Opening hours: 10:00-23:00 


  • Cozy Corner is the modern place founded by young guys and very famous among foreigners. This is a right place to spend a nice evening in cozy atmosphere with young people around. Address: Orozbak st., 103. Opening hours: 11:00-20:30 


  • Nomad Coffee is made in fusion style! It has menu of different styles of meals and wishes! Address: st. Lenin, 70/10A. Opening hours: 09:00-23:00
  • KulturCafé is a cool place to sit with friends. You are unlikely to find a vegetarian menu here. Although you can ask the chef. Address: Sagynbai Orozbak uulu 25. Opening hours: 09:00-20:00 


  • Salkyn Tor is very famous for its delicious national cuisine. Perhaps not suitable for vegans. Address: Nurgazieva. Opening hours: 09:00-23:00 

Issyk Kul

  • Green Pub is one of the most visited places among travelers. Being there you will have an opportunity to try fresh drinks and enjoy meals at affordable prices. Address: 11, Sovetskaya St. Opening hours: 08:00-23:00
  • U Rybaka. It is very tasty and fast here! You can also enjoy delicious cocktails. It has free Wi-Fi. Address: 20 Sovetskaya Street. Opening hours: 08:00-24:00 


  • Hawaii is an original exotic type restaurant. Here you can enjoy not only Asian cuisine, but also Russian! Address: Tokmok. Opening hours: 12:00-23:00 

Jalal Abad

  • Saltanat is a great place for fans of a big company! Address: Suzak district, Bekmamat Osmonova str., 13b. Opening hours: 10: 00-00: 00 

I would like to note that in the capital as well as in the regions there are many small fast-food outlets and also cafes where you can try the national street food of different peoples of the world.

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