Nightlife in Bishkek

Nightlife in Bishkek Asgard

Hi guys! I would like to give you a list of the most recommended places in Bishkek to visit when you need to chill out after a full day on your tour to Kyrgyzstan.

If you are a night owl, why to change your habits when you are at vacation? Kyrgyzstan is a modern, open, democratic country. Entertainment from the late evening into the early hours of the morning are available here. So you can enjoy the nightlife in Bishkek during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Have your favorite drink, dance to the DJ cool sets, feel the atmosphere that you need, have a nice dinner including various snacks that you can only try in Kyrgyzstan…There are many different bars, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and karaoke clubs in Bishkek. You can choose the one you like by the description below: location, music genre, taste and budget. 

Nightlife in Bishkek Asgard

  • Asgard

“Asgard” is a unique bar that will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of fun and endless night! It is a great mixture of life music, dancing, meat and amusing atmosphere!

On Fridays and Saturdays there is live music, DJ sets and dances until the morning. In other days is DJ and dancing. I do recommend to come on Fridays and Saturdays – at these days Life music is and all people are dancing as crazy : )

In summer time they have an open stage to have dinner and to dance. In winter time all fun goes inside building where you will have a great night!

0% for the service, but the service is top notch, as they value their guests and do not want to take money for something that should be great by default.

The menu offers a wide selection of European cuisine for every taste from Chef George, Silver Medalist of the World Association of Public Associations. Smoky hookahs, a large selection of alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

Working hours: 17:00 – 04: 00 (Tue – Sun)
Entrance: Free, Dress control, Age control, Face control

Address: st. Tokombaev, 37
Tel: +996 (772) 00-03-56


  • Promzona space

A cozy place for the lovers of R&B, Retro, Rock, Disco, Dubstep, Pop.
From Monday to Thursday the entrance fee is 200 som (for girls, entrance is free).
On Friday and Saturday entrance fees are 300 som until 21.00, after 21.00 - 450 som.
Sunday entrance - 200 som.

Working hours: 20: 00 – 05: 00 (Tue – Sun)
Features: live performances, VIP zone, hookah, go-go, show program

Average bill per person: 1000-1500 soms
Accepted cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard

Address: st. Chokan Valikhanov, 16/ st. Sadovaya
Tel: +996 (706) 90-09-00 

  • Retro - Metro

This club was founded 12 years ago and has a lot of  regular customers. The club one of the largest dance floors in Kyrgyzstan and receives up to 8000 people per month. They constantly host thematic parties and a daily show program with guest artists and contests.

Entrance: Free, Dress c. Age c. Face c.

Working hours: 19: 00–06: 00, 7 days a week
Features: live performances, VIP-zone, go-go, show program

Average bill per person: 800-1200 soms
Accepted cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, China UnionPay

Address: 24 Chyngyz Aitmatov Ave/st. Novaya
Tel: +996 (312) 21-02-02, +996 (705) 00-08-88

  • 40x40

This is a leading karaoke club in Bishkek by the number of songs and own karaoke system. There are more than 85 000 songs in the catalogue in Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages. So if you love singing this is a right place to relax. They offer European and Japanese cuisine and a large selection of alcoholic drinks. 

Entrance: free
Working hours: 18: 00 – 06: 00, 7 days a week

Average bill per person: 700-900 soms
Accepted cards: Visa, Visa Electron

Address: st. Suche-Bator, 3/3/st. Tokombaev
Tel: +996 (700) 40-40-40

  • Nosorog

“Dance Ecstasy Zone” – this is how they position themselves. This night club is very popular among young people. 

Cuisine: European, Japanese
Average bill per person: 1000–1200 soms

Working hours: 18: 00–06: 00, 7 days a week
Music: background, live
Reservation: prepaid (deposit), by phone

Accepted cards: Visa, Visa Electron
Features: hookah, Wi-Fi, VIP room

Address: st. Tokombaev, 21A / st. Kuttubaev
Tel: +996(552)11-14-44


  • Benzin 312

Benzin 312 is a night club with live music, Go-Go show, VIP zone and everyday performances. Unusual sensations, new tastes, alcohol intoxication, unexpected music all night long – this is what they promise. Come and learn if it is true! 

Working hours: 21:00 – 05:00 (Wed-Sun)

Average bill per person: 700-1000 soms

Address: st. Ankara, 1/31st. Vinogradnaya
Tel: +996 (557) 313-312


  • Gan Bei

Gan Bei is a gastro bar with Chinese, Japanese, European cuisine. You can enjoy hookah and various alcoholic drinks. 

Average bill per person: 800–1000 soms

Music: live, background
Reservation: by phone, prepaid (deposit)

Address: st. Tokombaev, 21 A / 4 st. Kuttubaev
Tel: +996(770)77-66-66


  • Blonder

It is a very cozy pub to relax with friends. Good food, live music, dance floor, hookah and VIP room. But the best thing is their beer, draft one as well as bottled ones for any taste. 

Average bill per person: 1000–1200 soms
Accepted cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard

Working hours: 11:00–03:00, 7 days a week
Features: Wi-Fi, hookah, own brewery, sports broadcasts

Address: st. Ibraimov, 24 A/st. Kulatov
Tel: +996(755)90-20-90 

I really hope you found this article helpful! Make your tour in Kyrgyzstan unforgettable with me :)


Nightlife in Bishkek Asgard Steak