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Kyrgyzstan got independence in 1991 after the collapse of Soviet Union and first years it was a really hard period for the economy of the country. It is not only about Kyrgyzstan but all the Stans in Central Asia. But even later tourism area remained out of focus for many years.

Only late 9-10 years probably, we can see the tourism growth. It is mostly thanks to private sector and International organizations that do a lot for tourism development.

I also try to contribute to tourists number rise, service level and conditions of stay improvement. One person cannot change anything but if we all do our best, we can come to the best results. That is why I organize seminars for managers, guides, drivers, home stay owners. I share my vision about service during tours and how to make them really unforgettable!

Every traveler coming to Central Asia has expectations about his trip and experience. Our main goal is to make them unbelievable and give to our guests special feelings and emotions.

During the seminars we share opinion, discuss new ideas and the ways we can use them. It is a great pleasure to me to share my knowledge and experience, the hints I use on my tours and everyday surprises I offer to my guests. It is very good for self -development.

I am convinced that if everybody working in tourism sphere suggests and realizes new ideas, creates the best conditions on the trip starting with welcoming, hotel service, offering comfortable transport and hiring enthusiastic guides, cooperating with professional suppliers all around Kyrgyzstan, tourism will take leading positions very soon! And the whole world will learn about extremely stunning, deeply attractive and exceptionally hospitable Kyrgyzstan!

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