Lagman meal

Kyrgyzstan taking a place in the intersection of roads on the Great Silk Road, could not help but be influenced by different cultures and religions. And the cuisine was not an exception. Kyrgyz meals are normally based on meat and flour. There are a few meals which are very popular. They are besh barmak (meat with noodles cooked in a bouillon), kuurdak (meat with onions and potatoes fried on a strong fire), manty (steamed dumplings stuffed with meat and fat), and lagman about which I want to tell you about today. 

Lagman is one of the most popular traditional meals not in Kyrgyzstan only, but also in Central Asia. It is served as the main course. The main ingredients are noodles, beef, pepper, onions, garlic, greens and spices.  Noodles are the important part of the meal and must be made exceptionally by hand and boiled in water. They are better to be greased with oil afterwards to avoid sticking to each other. The meat must be fried with onions, garlic and spices on a strong fire. To make the meat softer, it is better to marinate it in soy sauce and starch in advance. Before it gets fully fried, we need to add fresh peppers and Chinese cabbage and slightly fry them to keep fresh and crispy. After it you add greens and voila the meal is ready! Depending on the taste, there are two main types of lagman: boso lagman with fried noodles and guiru lagman with natural sauce made of water and tomatoes.

If you are fan of meat and noodles, then lagman will be a great choice to try in Kyrgyzstan. Bon appetite!