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Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country which creates wonderful opportunities for lovers of extreme to practice their off-road driving skills. For this reason, a special 4x4 club named “Off- Road Kings” was found in 2008. This club of amateurs and professionals is known and authoritative in Kyrgyzstan and far beyond. The members annually organize 4x4 festivals of vivid races; participate in expeditions to hard-to-get parts of the country and abroad.

In 2018 the club celebrated its 10th anniversary with spectacular 4x4 festival that invited participants from Kazakhstan and Russia. Earlier in 2016, the club successfully held the 10th international off-road festival in Issyk Kul lake, gathering guests from former Soviet republics, Germany and South Korea.

Usually the competitions are held in 18 km north of Bishkek in polygon near Ozernoye village. The track is quite long (about 1.5 kilometers) and interesting. There are steep climbs and the slopes, areas where you can speed up and hillocks that do not allow you to relax. The cars of the participants are for every taste: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Jeeps, UAZs and even GAZ-67, of 1946 release.

These competitions are equally loved by racers and fans alike. The atmosphere here is always friendly and exciting. Usually the races are completed with small picnics with shish-kebabs and drinks.

If you want to see one of the spectacular off-road races during 4x4 festivals in Kyrgyzstan, you can contact me for more details!

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