Yurt installation in Kyzyl Tuu

Kyrgyzstan is a country of nomads who carefully kept their thousands years traditions up to these days. One of them is the usage of yurts despite the fact that everyone lives in constant houses nowadays, both in cities and villages, but continue erecting yurts for special occasions and summer pastures to raise livestock. Tourists can sleep in real yurts in Son Kul Lake, near Tash Rabat caravanserai and in touristic camps on the southern shore of Issyk Kul lake. 

The village where you can meet the best masters of making yurts is Kyzyl Tuu. Local families take orders from the entire country and the government to prepare yurts using techniques as before. Besides visiting the local workshops, it is possible to watch the show of yurt installation. 

The family members bring out the carcass of a yurt made of wood. First of all they install the doorframe and join with expanding lattice wall sections, fixed with special straps of bull or camel skin. Then one of the men rises up tunduk with the help of which the dome is created along with special ceiling boards, called uuk. The next step is to wrap up the frame with two straw mats, felt that cover all around the yurt. Each piece of them has their own names and function which will clearly explained by master. The inner part of the yurt is also decorated with wall hangings, fell carpets, bags and mats for separating kitchen part and the entire yurt.

Despite the yurts site it can be taken down and set up within an hour. The main advantages of yurt are its mobility and universality. That explains why it served for such a long time by nomads: it’s totally adapted to a nomadic way of life. 

Nowadays there is a great chance for tourists to feel nomad and live in yurt. They can rent a car and drive to remote villages of Naryn region. It is also possible to add to their tours as much yurts as possible. The most authentic yurts are in pastures of Son Kul lake, and around Tash Rabat. So make an unforgettable tour with us or rent a car and explore nomadic culture on you own!

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