Uzgen complex

Uzgen tower is located in 90 km distance north from Osh city, so called southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is possible to deliver a car for rent from Bishkek so that you could start your tour in Osh. So you can visit this amazing complex and explore the history of Silk Road. 

Uzgen complex belong to the epoch of Karakhanids, ruling here in the 10-12th centuries during of which the Silk Road was high in its zenith. Uzgen town was one of the important cities on it, and there dozens of caravans passing each day through it. During the Karakhanid’s period the Islam religions became a state religion, and there were built many cities and towns with relatively high standards of development: there were shops, bazaars, crafts, canalization systems, baths and many others. 

Nowadays three mausoleums and minaret is what left from this city flourishing city. The three mausoleums stand next to each other and conditionally are called Northern, Central and Southern. They were built at different times but look like a uniform building with their portals arranged in line. They are decorated with a relief brick ornament and terracotta which was classic to this period. 

The tower is 25 meters high and was used for calling the prayers, at the same time as beacon light for travellers and watch tower. It is possible to go inside and reach the top and observe the panoramiс view of the town lying along the bank of Kara Darya river. 

If you are driving a self- drive car during your tour in Kyrgyzstan, do not regret to stop by this complex and learn the history.

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