Too Ashu (Tue Ashu) pass

Too Ashu pass is one of the most famous mountain passes in Kyrgyzstan that connects Suusamyr valley with Chui valley. It is located in the picturesque gorge near Kara Balta town on the main highway BishkekOsh. As this road is of republican level, there is everyday local transport but it’s very convenient to take a car for rent in Bishkek. You can enjoy your tour in Kyrgyzstan without depending on others. 

The ascent to the pass makes not lower than 12 % and the view changes every minute and amazes with its hairpin serpentines and great views. It goes through a tunnel lasting 2,2 km. Finally the highest point of the pass is 3 586 meters above sea level. 

This pass connects the northern and southern parts of Kyrgyzstan and is full of legends and tales. In one of them figures the Kojomkul baatyr (1888-1955) and was famous for its distinguishing physical data. His height was 196 meters, he weighed almost 200 kg, and his hand length was 26 cm. It is said that he carried his wounded horse through the pass on his shoulders. In Bishkek we can see his statue in front of the Sports Palace bearing his name. Kojomkul was not only an outstanding a strong man and great hunter but also a public figure: for 20 years he headed the collective farm and made a significant contribution to the establishment of farms in the Suusamyr Valley. 

If you want tolearn history about Kyrgyz and their outstanding people, come visit Kyrgyzstan and include Suusamyr valley in your tour. If you use a rent car, drive along the pass and make memorable photos on the way.

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