Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat is located in 115 km distance from Naryn town, administrative center of Naryn region. If you rent a car from Bishkek, you can reach this place within a day drive not making significant stops on the way. It is also close to Torugart Chinese border and is at the altitude of 3200 meters above sea level. If you start your tour in China, it is easy to stop by on the way or even spend an overnight stay in yurts. 

Tash Rabat is historically important architectural complex preserved from the early medieval ages, though date of origin is strictly unknown. Due to nomadic way of life not many architectural sites existed and not preserved. Tash Rabat was carefully restored during the Soviet times as it was abandoned for many years and had been used by locals as barn unfortunately. According to archeological diggings it was proved that the building was occupied since the 10th century. It housed the traders and travellers on the Silk Road at the same time serving as temple for early Nestorians and Muslim people later. 

Tash Rabat is made of stones which explain its name meaning “stone fortress”. Today it has almost rectangular shape, inside of which there is a domed central chamber leading to 30 rooms including the khan’s own quarters. Couple of champers has underground dungeons, presuming that is was used for prisoners. 

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