Sulaiman Mountain

Sulaiman Mountain is the main highlight and part of any tour in Osh city which is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan. This mountain is considered to be sacred throughout thousands of years for Muslim pilgrims. It abruptly rises from Fergana valley over the town lying on both sides of Ak Buura River and gives the splendid view. It is the only site in Kyrgyzstan that was included into the list of UNESCO Heritages. 

According to the legend, the Tsar Solomon travelled around the country with his army and saw a mountain with four tops. He ordered the soldiers to stop here for a rest. The mountain started to bear the name in his honor. The city was called Osh. But locals connect the name with ancient “guishan”, the capital of Dayan state in the 1st century BC which had occupied the territory of modern Osh. From the 10th century this unremarkable from the first site started to attract many pilgrims from all over Asia due to mention of the prophet of Solomon. Babur Khan, the founder of Mogul Dynasty and grandson of Timur built a small cell on top of the mountain for each Muslim to be able to pray in the 15th century.

The most part of the mountain is occupied by the museum inside of the cave called “Silk Road” museum. Also one can find ancient mausoleums, bath remains from the 10th century and mosques around it. 

If you are in Osh, Suleiman Mountain is a must visit, there is a symbolic fees to enter it. The museum operates from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. From Osh it is possible to rent a car (which we deliver from Bishkek) or make an organized tour including all services. However, car rent is one of the most interesting ways of discovering the country.  

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