Skazka (Fairy Tale) Canyons

Fairy Tale canyons or Skazka are located on the southern shore of famous Issyk Kul lake, in 4 km distance from Tosor village and 3 km away from the main highway. This place attracts tourists travelling around the lake during the tour in Kyrgyzstan. If you rent a 4wd car, you can easily reach until the very entrance and start your journey inside of miraculous canyons. 

These canyons were formed million years ago as a result of soil erosion, and wind and water have completed its actual appearance. They were called Fairy Tale for a reason. The place is surely magic, full of mystery and charm.  If you walk along the chain of canyons, you can observe the resemblances of sandstones to animals, landmarks or characters from legends. Amongst these rock formations one can see a ridge that resembles two walls of fortification, something reminding the Chinese Great Wall, dramatically rising out of the surrounding sandstone. If you look around and apply your imagination, you can see formations resembling other structures with arches and columns. 

From Karakol you can get a local transport going to the south of the lake till Balykchy or Bishkek and drop off at the sign between Kajy Sai and Tosor villages. If you have an organized tour around Issyk Kul lake, you can ask the driver to stop by as little deviation from the program must not be a big problem. If you rent a car, you will not miss the sign Fairy Tale canyons on your way. 

So if you are looking for an unusual landscape, Skazka canyons is a great place to stop at.

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