Semenovskoye gorge

Semenovskoye gorge is located next to the village of the same on the northern shore of Issyk Kul lake. It was named after Russian scientist and geographer P. Semenov- Tien Shanskiy who made a significant contribution to the studies of Tien Shan. Nowadays it is very popular for tourists who seek harmony and tranquility in the nature. You can use car rent services or organized tours from Cholpon Ata to get there. 

Semenovskoye gorge’s length is about 30 km. The mountain river Ak-Suu, known for its turbulent course, flows along the bottom of this gorge. It is famous for the purity and transparency of glacial water. Besides there is a mountain lake with 20 meters depth where one can see wild ducks floating on the lake. According to legend, this lake was formed as a result of an earthquake. There used to be a place for prayers in this place. 

The slopes of this gorge are covered with centuries-old and majestic Tien Shan firs. The spruce forest zone begins immediately from the mouth of the valley. Especially picturesque are the left slopes, on which dense thickets of shrubs are located: sea buckthorn, dogrose, barberry, honeysuckle, and currant. Nature has retained its pristine nature, and neither time nor man has power over it. In spring and summer, clean mountain air is filled with aromas of alpine herbs.

In summer times it is possible to see yurts who can cook meals and some hunters organize a hawk or eagle shows. 

The Semenovskoye Gorge is one of the beautiful attractions of Kyrgyzstan and is one of the must-see excursions for tourists vacationing in Issyk Kul lake. Take a car for rent and explore this place during your tour in our country.

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