Oguz Bashy (Yeltsin) Peak

Oguz Bashy Peak is located at the end of the valley inside of Jeti Oguz gorge located in 30 km distance from Karakol. It is possible to spend a night in yurts of nomads, make a little hike towards mountain waterfall, enjoy the views of forests from a top of a hill and make a radial hike to the view of Oguz Bashy Peak. It is possible to reach this area by local transport from Karakol or if you are travelling on your own, you can rent a car in Bishkek. If you have a tour, ask your provider to add it if you like more activities. 

The magnificent Jeti Oguz valley ends with a wall of majestic mountains of Terskey Ala-Too ridge laying on the southern shore of famous Issyk Kul lake. The highest point of this mountain wall is Oguz Bashy peak that makes 5, 168 m high. 

This is the third highest peak in the Terskey Ala Too mountain range, following after the peaks of Karakol (5, 281 m) and Jigit (5, 170 m). The name Oguz Bashy means “the head of a bull,” due to the peak acquired its name because it has two peaks resembling the horns of this mountain animal. There is a justified reason to call Oguz Bashy peak as one of the most beautiful peaks of Issyk Kul. The famous traveler and geographer P.P. Semenov-Tien Shanskiy compared it with the alpine mountain Jungfrau. 

If you have a tour to Jeti Oguz gorge, spend one more day to visit the foothills and view this beautiful peak. To make your actions more flexible, use car rent services and enjoy your journey!

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