Muzeum of Przhewalsky

Nikolay Mikhailovich Przhevalski was one of most outstanding geographers of Central and East Asia. He made maps which were crucial to understanding the mountain ranges, sorted out thousands of samples of plants and animals in the territories of Mongolia, Turkestan, China and Tibet. Several species of plants and animals were named after him, as well as the Przhevalski’s gazelle and Przhevalski’s horse. Przhevalski was the first European explorer since Marco Polo to visit Qinghai Lake in the Tibetan Plateau, though he never reached his lifetime goal of Lhasa. He died from typhoid in Karakol, in 1888, after it the town was renamed after him, and afterwards the museum was opened in honor of his life. In 1991 the town was changed back to Karakol. 

The Przhevalsky Memorial Museum was opened in 1957, and includes documents and exhibits from the Soviet Geographical Society. Today one can also find some photos and personal items from Przhevalski’s life. Nearby you can see his tomb and a monument to his life. If you are driving by on a rent car, make a break to visit this museum of Przhewalsky. We can also include it into your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Rent a car from us and discover Kyrgyzstan in all its colors during your amazing tour in this country.

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