Moldo Ashu pass

Moldo Ashu pass (3, 346 m) is one of the beautiful passes in Kyrgyzstan that leads to Son Kul lake from Ak Tal village in Naryn region. It presents a narrow serpentine road with harsh cliffs.

Many tourists use this route to get to Son Kul lake, where they can stay overnight in real yurts and meet the nomads. It is possible to hike in nearby mountain hills from where there opens a magnificent panoramic view of the lake and ride horses along the shores. The length of the lake is 28 meters, and the width is 18 meters. If you rent a car, it is possible to make a round tour to enjoy the beauty of it from all sides. Cycling is also possible. 

Moldo Ashu pass is also used by locals as well to get to their summer pastures (jaillo) in summer period when they move from villages to keep their livestock for the season, who happily graze in the green meadows of the place. When you have a tour to Son Kul lake and reached it from the other passes, it is still possible to drive a bit to the south west to catch the panoramic view from the top of the pass. This will be a spectacular view over the entire road winding up to the pass that will take your breath way. 

If you decide to rent a car to make this tour, it will be a great opportunity to visit such a mountainous area as Son Kul, driving over the Moldo Ashu pass.

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