Legend about Broken Heart

Jeti Oguz gorge is located near Karakol in 30 km distance. It is one of the most popular gorges around Issyk Kul Lake where you can get a rent car or private transport. It is included mostly in all tours in Kyrgyzstan. When you approach to the entrance, you can notice a sand formation the shape of which reminds the shape of a broken heart.

Jeti Oguz is filled with legends and tales. Here is one of the most known ones. It says that once upon a time there were two kings living in the valley. One of them fell in love with a beautiful wife of another and kidnapped her. A long period war started between the two camps. The tension was at the highest when the kidnapper decided to put this war to the end by giving back the wife but killing her first. At this point he organized a big banquet with lots of guests, for which he slaughtered seven bulls for treats. At the end of the party he stabbed the woman in her heart and the streams of her blood sprayed all over the valley. It is said that it was poisoned and killed everyone present at that time. Her heart and the seven bulls turned into blood-colored sandstones. 

Since then the gorge took the name of Jeti Oguz (Seven Bulls). One can see there, at one side, a sand rock in a shape of a broken heart and seven stones, on the other side, standing next to each other seven rocks. 

This gorge inspires photographers to make great photos not only because of these rock formations, but also for a beauty of the valley, of spruce forests, and high mountains. In summer time local people offer B&B at their yurts to feel nomad and enjoy the pristine nature. So if you decided to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan or travelling on your own on a self-drive car, you need to stop at Jeti Oguz gorge.

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