Konorchek canyons

Konorchek canyons are located in 120 km east from Bishkek inside of the Boom gorge. You have to stop at the bridge so-called “Krasnyi Most” where the entrance to canyons is. From Bishkek there is a local transport departing to Balykchy each day few times. You can drop off on the way, but to return back to Bishkek you need to hitch-hiking. Better option is to rent a car in Bishkek and make an unforgettable tour in Kyrgyzstan. 

Konorchek canyons are like a miniature of Grand Canyons not inferior in beauty to the latter. Million years of soil erosion, winds and water flows created 200 km area of incredible rock formations. The hike to the canyons goes through a canal of a long dried up river, and small passages with elements of rock climbing at a few places. The path takes 5 km before opens the view to the very canyons. For people who like more extreme and long, it is possible to wander in the labyrinths infinitely discovering more and more new views. The climax of the hike is the panoramic view where you can observe layers of canyons from the north and green meadows and mountains from the south. 

Konorchek canyons are perfect for a day trip but you can ask to add it on your tour during the transfer from Bishkek to Chon Kemim gorge or Issyk Kul lake. If you have a self-drive car it’s even more convenient, as you are not attached to a fixed schedule and visits. These canyons are amazing destination, so different from the rest of landscapes all over in Kyrgyzstan! Come and enjoy!

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