Kichi Naryn gorge

Kichi Naryn gorge is located in a north-eastern part of Naryn town, and of the rarely visited by tourists during their tour in Kyrgyzstan. It is the most beautiful when you go from Naryn town. There can be few outcomes from the gorge: Sary Bulak village or Issyk Kul Lake over passes of Arabel or Tosor with the most difficult roads. For these kinds of challenges you need 4wd cars, which must be reliable. You can take such cars for rent in Bishkek. 

The eastern road from Naryn bounces on alpine meadows and fields full of barley. On the way you can see the entrance to a famous gorge Salkyn Tor, a favorite place of locals for a day out. A little further from here there is a deer reservation park. After turning to the gorge you will see the confluence of Small and Big Naryn rivers that form more powerful and longest river known as Naryn. This place is called Eki Naryn. Further we continue our road along Kichi Naryn tribute and that’s where the number came from. The whole gorge will be surprising you by astounishing views from the cliff down to the river across gigantic mountains. There will couple of bridges making your trail more thrilling and exotic. On the way it is possible to meet some yurts and small villages and not more. You will be absolutely alone surrounded by beautiful nature only. We often this gorge to our tours in Kyrgyzstan. 

If you seek to disappear in the serenity of beautiful nature for a while, Kichi Naryn gorge is waiting for you. Rent a car and explore more gorges and valleys in Kyrgyzstan.

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