Kel Suu Lake

Kel Suu Lake has the most dramatic beauty among the other lakes in Kyrgyzstan. First of all it is hidden between the sharp cliffs inside of the Kok Kiya valley in Kakshaal Too mountain ridge that makes a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and China. The latitude of the lake reaches 3, 400-3,500 meters above sea level. So before you go there be prepared for the altitude first. 

Another challenge that you have to face going to the lake is the road: you have to double-pass the river where the bridges were destroyed, and the soil is swampy which makes difficult for cars to pass. If you want to go there it is better to plan the trip in a bigger group to make with two cars for rent. If you are stuck, there is no one in 100 km distance around to help you out. 

When successfully making the route with amazing views, you will reach the lake with emerald blue color striking across the harsh but charming cliffs surrounding it. It is the best to discover the lake with a motorboat. If not, you will see a small part of it. The Kel Suu lake stretches for 12-15 km, and it may disappear in winter time due to the lack of water that freezes in the glaciers. 

If you prefer extreme self-drive, Kel Suu is a must visit. There are some local yurts that can provide stay and hot dinners, but needed to be booked beforehand. Kel Suu is not always included into regular tours around Kyrgyzstan, so if you have it in the program, you are lucky.

Being located so far away from civilization, the nature is so pristine that you will never regret of visiting it during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. To visit this place a well-organized tour is more recommended than just a rent car to avoid unpredicted situations due to road conditions.

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