Kazarman village is a very remote and almost isolated village in Kyrgyzstan. It is located at the altitude of 1,310 meters above sea level, 160 km far from Jalal Abad city. It is almost halfway between Osh and Naryn which is the only road that directly connects Naryn with south of Kyrgyzstan. Connection can be endured with heavy snowfalls that literally block the main roads in winter times and including seasonal precipitations, the isolation lasts for a half a year or more. If you decided to travel to Kyrgyzstan including Kazarman village into your tour, make sure it’s summer time. If you are driving a rent car, take double precautions due to road. 

It is interesting to note that Kazarman village inherited hot summer days of Osh and cold winter days of Naryn. The population is around 15,000 people and some families can provide home stay and meals. This village is famous for its nearby location of petroglyphs called Saimaluu Tash. It is the collection of carved stones made by shamans in the second millennium BC, the biggest in the country as it reaches 10, 000 stones scattered over three kilometers distance at the altitude of 3, 200 meters above sea level. 

There is also a gold mine nearby known as Makmal, currently not functioning. But the most attractive part of Kazarman village is the road from and to. The road is like a painted landscape, with bright contrast of colors. The different layers of rocks with intriguing shapes with various colors make incredible views. There’s a pass known as Kara Koo on the way, which makes 2800 meters which certainly provides more picturesque views on the way going down to the valley.

If you decide to add Kazarman village to your tour, then be prepared for breathtaking views on the way. You can also rent a car and enjoy stops on the way as much as you want.

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