Kara Keche Pass

Kyrgyzstan is a land of high passes with amazing views and Kara Keche Ashu pass (3, 384 m) is one of them. It is one of the four passes that lead to Son Kul lake. Son Kul lake is a high mountainous lake where you can encounter modern nomad people who live in yurts in summer time with their livestock grazing in the pastures. Each of the passes is charming in their own ways. To get to Son Kul lake which is part of most tours in Kyrgyzstan, through this pass, you need to have a reliable car which you can rent in Bishkek

The road is open in a certain period with warm days: starting from the mid of June till the beginning of September. Due to mud, it is easily washed out and can be dangerous. When driving from Bishkek, one must pass over Ala Bel (3, 184 m) and Too Ashu (3, 586 m) passes and a tunnel that lasts for 2,2 km. Then the panorama opens to amazing Suusamyr valley, one of the summer pastures in Kyrgyzstan. There are many yurts to stay and have Kumyz treatment. It is a week treatment based on fresh mare’s milk that cleanses the body. Then the road turns to the left towards a smaller canyon and we pass by the village of Kojomkul, who lived during the beginning of Soviet power’s establishment and made a contribution in region’s development. However, he was more known for his physical data and his act of carrying the wounded horse on his shoulder over a long distance. After passing his village with his tomb on the way, we will enter to Kyzyl Oi village with a beautiful landscape. It is peacefully located on the right bank of fast flowing river of Kokomeren, the main tribute of the longest river in Kyrgyzstan, known as Naryn. Then the road gradually lifts up until we see the Kara Keche coal mine, the main company providing the coal for the entire country. After it you drive through the kaleidoscope of colors of landscapes on a winding road before you reach Kara Keche pass. The view is unbelievably beautiful where you can stop for a good while to take the images on a camera and keep it on the mind for a long time. 

For driving in such a road you definitely need a 4wd, you can rent a car from Bishkek. If you have booked a tour in Kyrgyzstan, and have Son Kul lake, there is a chance that you pass Kara Keche pass. Nevertheless, all other passes are also beautiful. Come to Kyrgyzstan and discover all the passes.

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